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Kaachii Fashion “free sample sale” live broadcast

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Author : Colin
Update time : 2021-03-17 13:54:16
Resumed from a blessed and joyful Chinese New Year by late February, Kaachii people have been busy with sorting out the orders, yes! Most were placed by customers during the holiday. Really thankful to all the customers who placed orders with us during the vacation; some are new, and 80% are old customers!!!

March is a busy month for us, we are busy all the year round though lol. We have 2 live stream this month, one is on 2am~4am Beijing time March 16th, the next one is 2am~4am March 18th. It’s PST 11am~1pm March 15th and 17th. Here below is video record of our last live stream, welcome to follow and subscribe to our channel. Stay with us and we will share more in live thru Youtube later this month.

In the video we are preparing samples for the second live, welcome to follow us on the 17th ! Any samples or styles you are interested in the upcoming live, you take at shipping cost only, free floral print dress samples are available.
Dongguan Kaachii Garment Co., Ltd. is a ladies print garment manufacturer covers sourcing, design, development, manufacturing and exporting services for all kinds of print clothing.