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Paisley pattern printing

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Author : Colin
Update time : 2021-03-23 22:17:14
Ask what fairies can stand up to the fresh floral and romantic? Floral printing are indeed very good, but sometimes the floral printing is too sweet, isn't it? Why not try the "Paisley pattern", it is unique and elegant, and it is guaranteed to be so fashionable that you can't resist it!
Paisley pattern is a long history of decorative patterns, was born in Babylon, flourished in Persia and India. Cashew shape, flower-shaped, round head melon children small tail, the shape of tears, in architecture, sculpture, clothing and accessories in both applications. Use in the clothing Paisley pattern is usually our most common, this delicate patterns, complex, elegant, gorgeous, both mysterious atmosphere, there are exotic. When full color cheerful enthusiasm, when the color is also very delicate elegant simplicity.
Up to now, "Paisley pattern" is still red in the forefront of fashion, this year's major brands are competing to patronize "Paisley pattern" .
Kaachii Fashion is a professional ladies printing dresses manufacturer in China. We can custom any printing pattern for customers.
Paisley pattern printingPaisley pattern printingPaisley pattern printingPaisley pattern printingPaisley pattern printing
Paisley pattern printing